Wood Signs Weather Gracefully.  John Keats said, "Beauty is truth, truth beauty, that's all ye know in life and all ye need to know."  One of the very best things about being a craftsman or artist is that we always find that truth and beauty actually do dwell together and they are usually to be found at the heart of a thing.  Finding beauty in something as prosaic driftwood, something for which there is apparently no use at all except for campfires, is one such experience in discovering beauty and truth.    

Wood things when exposed to the unforgiving exposure to rain, sun, winter cold and summer heat will weather and decay.  To some degree protection like varnish or oil finish may postpone the inevitable weathering but over time every thing made from living material will degrade in appearance.  This sign when it was made was clean and fresh and showed the inner beauty of the wood grains.  This "showroom" beauty will not last indefinitely, however.  
The landscaper that purchased this sign placed it in a perfect place, right in front of his house and facing west, and it has stayed exactly where placed for well over a year and it has been exposed to all the natural weather and sun stresses.  In addition the sigh is just 12 inches from an automatic sprinkler system that adds yet another exposure beyond the normal ones of natural weather.  

It is obvious that the sign has weathered.  Click on the sign to see the gradual weathering in more detail.


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