Wood Paperweights.  

Wood Paperweights are really a lot of fun.  Everyone but the most hopeless neatnick out there has some personal "stuff" on their desk or work station surface and the most practical of all the desktop objects is a paperweight.  When you put a paperweight on top of the papers that you are working on it makes the statement, "There, all that work can wait till tomorrow, or till Monday morning.  Plus, a paperweight with an engraved inscription is a great conversation piece.  Click on the inset that contains the star for a close up view.

We have a number of paperweights that we'll show you but for just a moment consider the one pictured above.  First, the paperweight is precision machined from beautiful cherry wood, one of the heaviest woods available.  In addition the piece features an inlay, a very rare natural phenomenon, a natural wood star.  Other wood paperweights are also available.  Click here.

 What you are looking at is something very very rare indeed.  The top left photo is a cross section of a peculiar breed of pin oak, the swamp pin oak.  The photo to the right is a close-up of the center of the branch.  The star that you see occurs infrequently and considerable exploration is required to find even a few specimens such as these.

This is the back of the paperweight and the story that is told here is a short cut version of how we found the stars and what we have been doing with them.

This paperweight is available as supplies are available for $29.  The best time to get these items paperweights is August or September of each year because our wood gathering has generally been completed.

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