Variety of Fribblestones

Lucky Duck Fribblestones with its two distinctive duck images has been embraced by duck hunters as you might imagine.  They have always admitted to luck being a significant factor in bagging their quarry and they are seldom too snooty to embrace any device that stood a chance of tipping their luck positively.  But we keep hearing from fishermen and hunters of other game, and especially guides and outfitters, who have wanted fribblestones dedicated especially for their chosen specialty.  We acquiesced.  There is now a variety of the little charms and we hope that you will find your favorite among our collection.  Still, we persist in the belief that for any sport at all the original Lucky Duck (duck) Fribblestone is the universal and most proven for any sporting endeavor, but to each his own.    

Musky Trout Bass Lake Trout
Deer Elk Moose Bear
Walleye Goose Pheasant Turkey


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