Tour of the Secret Garden

My "Secret" garden is just a small step up from my driveway and a small step down from my front door.  The location of the garden is not the secret thing about this garden, actually.  The secret (I should really say secrets) are what you will find in it.  It looks rather plain from the driveway.  There's a little open are with some Bryan Red stone.  On the right portion of the picture you may notice a large rock.  Its actually a chair high sitting rock where I frequently sit, sometimes to just think and sometimes to observe the things around me.
You could naturally suppose from viewing this picture that I am just sitting here thinking.  Possibly on some occasions but in this case not so!
I was actually looking at the stones on the ground.  I can tell you that there's more there than just Bryan Red.  Actually, you can find all sorts of things on the ground.  There are agates, and other semi precious stones, hundreds of colorful beads are down there in the rock, there are many stones with writing or images on them, some sea shells and, well there's much more too but some of that is a secret.  A lot of my secrets are quickly discovered when my grandchildren come to visit, however.  They usually get a little bag and then start to scrounge around on the ground to discover some precious loot. 
Look at these wonderful things.  Doesn't it make you want to be a child again?
Right over there tucked under a group of leaves is a weathered sign with a wonderful quote of Blaise Pascal the French mathematician, physicist and Christian philosopher prominent in the seventeenth century. The quote is, "Nature is an infinite sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere."  The sign is one we made several years ago and has now taken on the ambiance patina of the winters and summers in my garden.
As I look around my Secret Garden there are objects that I can notice of course and there are some things that are gripping because of what they are doing.  There is a little river that comes from up a hill, funnels through the little tunnel at the top of the picture goes under the wood bridge and then flows rapidly down through the driftwood that you see at the left..  Sometimes the river is loaded with birds.  Sometimes there's grandchildren making dams from the little blue sandbags that you can see under the wood bridge.  Sometimes there is nothing there at all except the water making its delightful babbling sounds.  The sights and the sounds are there all the time but they are secrets from everyone except those that have entered the garden and spent some time to take it all in.

Perhaps you'd like to see the upper portion of my river.  Just click on this picture for a little tour.

You may not have noticed Blueberry Hill on the previous photo.  No wonder it's a rather small hill.  Still there are two or three variety of berries on it and more important it raises the question of what the senses are that are in play in the Secret Garden when you visit it.  Well, people have five senses, or really six actually.  There is sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.  The sixth is sensitivity to the infinite, a more debatable sense to be sure but certainly a real one for which there is a great body of evidence.

The sights in the Secret Garden are obvious enough (birds, flowers, etc.) and sounds like the splashing of water in the river, the song of birds are ever present.  You can hardly get away from the pungent smell of earth and the fragrance of flowers as you might expect.  Taste is a little more obscure unless you taste flower peddles and leaves of plants of various types (which I do) but there are strawberries and blueberries in the Secret Garden for those with more conventional tasters.    

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