Stones For Kids are truly the cat's pajamas.  Grandparents especially love these because there is something delightful about seeing the little ones marching resolutely right for the water garden (or other attraction) when they're released from the car seats by their parents.   

Children finding rocks and moving them around from one place to another.  Life is grand, isn't it?  The upper portion of the river is full of pebbles and rocks, some engraved and some just river rocks.  Click right here to see some other scenes of the upper river. 


In addition to all the letters of the alphabet we also have many of the animals, too. When ordering ask for quartz or gray stones.  The quartz stones are filled in either gold or black fill and the alphabet letters are in multiple colors. And never, NEVER, forget to get one for the the winter too.  Believe it or not they go for the garden rocks on certain pleasant winter days too.
It doesn't hurt a bit to have a fairy house or other "child magnet" around the place, too, as you can imagine.


Childhood should be filled with fantasy and exploration and those few little surprises around your place will keep them coming back expectantly.  It's great fun for them and it's lots of fun for us to see them at their play as well.
Any of the stones for kids are $3 each.  You'll get a 10% discount when you order 10 stones and a 20% discount when you order 20 stones.  


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