You don't have to go far in Minnesota to find a sportsman and that goes for gals as well as guys.  Here in Minnesota we have fishermen and hunters of all descriptions.  Actually, the most common sort of sportsman is the one that does a variety of the outdoor sports, especially ones involved with some sort of hunting or fishing.  For example, hunters that go after deer usually are grouse and pheasant hunters too.  Many of them are also duck and goose hunters.  A few also go after the turkeys and so on.  Fishermen too, usually do the fishing in the summer and winter and then switch to hunting in the fall. 

When we began the laser engraving business it was quite natural for us to begin right here.  To begin making gifts that appealed to sportsmen.  We're going to show you some pretty top of the line items.  Nearly all of the materials that have been used for this collection of gift are those that have been picked up in the forests and lakes of northern Minnesota by sportsmen as they hunt and fish their favorite haunts.

Take a look at the gift items in the Sportsman Collection.  If you have a sportsman or a sportsman "wanna be" in your family or circle of friends you just may find a perfect gift.


Birch Pencil Cup Birch Photo Frame Lucky Duck Fribblestone  Sportsman's Little Ruler Critter Foot Coasters Hunter's 
Sunrise Plaque

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