Some views of the upper river

This is the walk along the upper river area.

This large rock at the very top of the river is actually the source of all the flowing water.

The river passes under a walk bridge before it disappears into a culvert.

In this portion of the river tiny birds like this chipping sparrow hide behind the ferns and enjoy a drink or a bath in the flowing water.

Higher up warblers gather

and bathe in the water flowing from the rock.

This is a close-up of a chestnut sided warbler.




You'd think that these would be called fern warblers but they're not.  They are probably young magnolia warblers.  





Here a flock of cedar waxwings land on the rock at the top of the river.  The flowing water has drawn them from the treetops some 80 feet above.  New arrivals on the left and the right are zooming in for their landings.
And they pose to have their pictures taken and to enjoy the flowing water.


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