Signs in the normal sense of the word are not the kind of signs we make.  When we want a regular "plain vanilla" sign we go to a sign maker, they make signs for the truck, signs for the the front of a building and that sort of thing.  Look under "Signs" in the yellow pages if that is what you're after.

We do make some rather elegant signs in our laser engraving and sand carving shops, however.  These you may want to consider if you are looking for something extraordinary as a gift or for your own use .

Basswood Rounds

The wood for this sign is called a basswood round, though as you can see it isn't round at all.  The better term is a basswood cross section.  The wood cross section is sanded then coated with numerous coats of clear acrylic to give the finished product as much weather resistance as possible.  The words or graphics are laser engraved deeply into the wood and then the engraved areas are filled with colored lacquer.  Finally, the entire sign is again coated with additional layers of clear acrylic.  

This photo shows the bark area and the thickness of the sign.  The dimensions of this sign are 7 x 11 inches and the price is $60.  Rounds come in all sizes down to four or five inches.



Mirror Signs

This sign for a wood boat builder features brown text and mahogany wood frame (exactly the colors and materials of wood boats) and the surface of the sign is made a plastic mirror.  It's unbreakable!

A sign like this (11" x14") with a mahogany frame custom made in our wood shop is $75.

If the same sign is made with a standard metal frame (they come in chrome or black) the price is about $50.  Most colors may be chosen for signs and this one is in Day-Glo red, Day-Glo yellow, black and brown.  

Mirror signs may be any size up to 12" x 16".

Bar or Recreation Room Signs


Garden Signs

Many people want some sign in the front of their house that adds an element of welcome or identity.  The basswood sign shown above is an example of such a sign but we have a number of other types of signs like this beautiful driftwood garden sign.  

Here's a sign that a landscaper keeps in his front yard that serves as a subtle business identity sign.  

This particular man is finicky about having things with a natural look and we had just what he wanted for this sign.  He was thrilled when we uncovered our stash of cured and lacquered northern Minnesota drift wood.  Notice the paint fill in red, blue, yellow and green.  Signs like this are individually quoted but will run about $40.

Click here to see how driftwood is gathered and processed

We have a whole collection of Door County cherry wood garden signs.  They are made from the culled wood from the active Door County, Wisconsin orchards.  Most travelers know that the two things memorable from Door County are cherries and lighthouses.  The Door County cherry garden signs include both plus some very fine quotations that are appropriate for garden use.  

Click the picture to see the collection.

We sell a variety of garden signs, most of which are made from attractive natural wood pieces that have been carefully covered with clear acrylic coating.  Some of the signs like the light colored "Welcome" signs are made from small trees that were chewed down by beavers and their tooth marks have been lacquered into the product for special ambiance.  Signs like these are priced typically from $12 to $20.  
These signs are great for sticking in a garden out in front of your house.  Part of the sign is usually filled with paint in your choice of colors and part is generally left brown from the laser burning process.

We coat the signs with a UV resistant chemical so they will stay legible for years even when you leave them fully exposed to sun and weather.

The cost of these yard signs in about 12 x 10 format is $25

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