Secret Gardens exist in every one's life it seems to me.  I have one too.  I'll tell you a little about my garden, trusting that my secret will be safe with you, because we engrave stones for people's special places and, perhaps, we can engrave one for you.


This particular engraved stone is a water rounded piece of white granite, an igneous rock.  It is rounded from hundreds of years of water wear in the rapids of a  shallow river.  It weighs about 40 pounds.

The image on this stone was laser engraved to produce the intricate decorative capital letter "S" and "G"  Once laser- engraved the stone was sand carved and filled with matt black paint to give it the beautiful final result that you can see. 

Click the middle of the stone to see its close-up.


Would you like a little tour of my secret garden?  Yes show me more!



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