Well I thought about it quite a bit. And then I thought some more.  Quite a bit more actually.  Look at the furrows in that brow.  I thought so hard that my head began to hurt. I thought about it until finally I started to get on the right track.
I thought back a few years to the times I read books to my grandchildren.  Books like Peter Rabbit. I remembered when my grandson caught his first fish.  You throw a worm in the lake and you pull out a fish.  Hmm! And that look in my granddaughters eyes when I cleaned the fish for lunch.  Guts.  Yuck! And how my grandson was overjoyed with a stone he found in my rock garden.
And this isn't just when they're little tiny kids either.  What an amazing thing to fly a kite. No even older children are captivated with things very small and things very strange. Even a twenty or thirty year old is swept away into a world of fancy when something small and meaningful is there to examine. I can even remember way back one Christmas when I received a solid model B-25 bomber and after putting it together I flew it right there in front of the Christmas tree.

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