Rah Rah rocks are an interesting phenomenon and some of you may even find this hard to believe.  Numbers of businesses, clubs and various organizations and individuals are purchasing rocks with business motivation symbols or slogans.  Sometimes it's just an initial or a couple of numbers.  You know something like "5 in 05," (probably meaning something like $5 billion or $5 million in 2005, I suppose).  Some of these Rah Rah rocks are given out at Rah Rah meetings and some of them at the conclusion of training sessions. 

We have even sold sets of Rah Rah rocks is for hikers to take on their hiking trips and to leave somewhere along their trail.  Personally, I have trouble enough carrying myself, a walking stick and some trail mix when I hike so carrying something as heavy as a rock would rank very low on my list of "must" items.

To me the expression "You rock" is about as inexplicable as the habit of wearing a baseball cap backwards.  Still, it seems to be one of the favorites for moderns in their businesses, clubs, organizations and personally.
I can fully grasp the sentiment on this Rah Rah rock.  "Just do it" or "Do it" are positive sentiments that would serve us all well in all aspects of our daily lives.  This is reminiscent of one of the famous Yogi Berra quote, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it!"  As a matter of fact that's another Rah Rah rock that is also quite popular in our rock collection. 
Vince Lombardi is always a quotable figure and this wonderful quote about perfection is a great paperweight for the desk of any aspiring "Can Do" person.  This particular rock is a sea pebble from the coast of Mexico and you can clearly observe the sedimentary strips of unlike material as part of the rocks geological history.
Now here is a pair of perfect Rah Rah rocks for your teacher friends or family members.  Often we engrave a slogan like, "If you have an answer, Ask a question" on the back of the bright red image of a school house.  What a perfect gift for the teachers to have on their desk.  Let's hope they don't throw it at a student as a way of punctuating a teaching point.  I remember fondly a teacher in my boyhood that would do just that.  Ah, things are different.


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