Processing driftwood for signs



Until this year I have been content to gather small pieces of driftwood for making driftwood signs.  The shear impracticality of hauling large driftwood from the boundary waters necessitated this.  Just a week ago, however, I brought back a couple of larger pieces and while I will not go into detail about the difficulty of propping up and cutting them from a fifty foot log wedged on the Canadian shoreline I will tell you that the difficulties were considerable.  Still, I knew the effort would be rewording.


Most people are stunned by the beauty that lies hidden in the heart of an externally homely piece of driftwood timber but my experience with smaller pieces over many years gave me a perspective that the casual observer would not notice.

Over the years many people have asked me to make signs larger than my gatherings of smaller driftwood pieces would yield and so I intended this year to haul out wood that would allow for six or seven in signs.

The quote "Beauty and Truth Lie Hid Within the Heart of a Thing," always prompted me to look deeper than the surface and when it comes to sign making I have learned that this is particularly true.

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