We place new samples of our engraving work on a table out in front of our shop to let our customers see what we are working on and recently we put this sign along with these samples on the table.


Sure enough someone asked what a piddle stone is so we explained, as we said we would, by referring them to the American Heritage Dictionary definition.

pidĚdle (pd"l) v. pidĚdled, pidĚdling, pidĚdles. --tr. 1. To use triflingly; squander: piddle away one's time. --intr. 1. To spend time aimlessly; diddle. 2. Informal. To urinate. [Origin unknown.]

Yes dog owners, it really does work to motivate your dog to do his thing by walking him outside to the designated spot and pointing to a familiar object.  And what better image for him to "consider" than a C-A-T !

Our two favorite cat piddle stones are shown below:

Some of our customers don't use these fine pieces as actual piddle stones.  They like them for desk paperweights.  Well, we've got them covered for that use too.  Here are some other images that we provide for just that application:



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