Pheasant Fribblestones

We have two images of pheasants for our Fribblestones.  This is a rising pheasant and a relatively difficult wing shot for most hunters.  The rooster pheasant just seems to explode into the air in such a startling manner that many hunters fail to get their shots off until the pheasant has gotten out of range.  Most hunters need a little luck on this shot.  
An easier shot but still one that is often missed by pheasant hunters is a broadside bird such as the one you see here.

The problem with this shot is that if the bird is flying with the wind it is going much faster than the hunter realizes and generally these birds are missed because they aren't led enough.  This is a skill shot to be sure but I have never known a pheasant hunter that would turn down a little extra luck for any shots. 

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