"Do It" rock Paperweight 

It is a good thing to tell the truth and the truth is that a paperweight is not a necessary implement in the modern day office environment.  Goodness, these days it's even getting so that there isn't any paper at all sitting out on desks.  Years ago there were "In" baskets, "Out" baskets and "Pending" baskets and the "In" and the "Pending" baskets actually needed paperweights.  If you didn't have the paper weighted down the breeze from the open window (I know, what's that?) would blow the papers all around the office.  Paperweights were vital!

Things have changed.  But wait a minute, they may not have changed as much as you might think.  Actually, the paperweights of old were there for a practical reason but they were also a very big conversation piece which we all enjoyed very much.  I remember one of my old bosses had a four pound gear on the papers in his "In" box and he was mighty proud of it, too.  It had been from a punch press that he had helped repair some years past and it had some very poignant memories attached to it and often it evoked the telling of good stories of the days when things had been more crude and dangerous.  Another man had a iron horse shoe, "brought him luck," he said.

These days, just like the old days, people like to keep some items on their desk that hold for them good thoughts and objects that they and their working friends discuss.  Sometimes the objects are paperweights and sometimes they have motivational messages or images with some meaning upon them.

The "Do It" rock is just such an object:

Do It or Just Do It is a sentiment that would serve any of us well as a constant message for us to see.  The expression, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions," expresses a problem we all have; lots of thinking, lots of talking but not so much actual doing.  This is a great desk object for work or for home.  It is made from gray stone and the entire background is sand blasted away leaving only the letters at the original surface.  The entire rock is given a lacquer clear coat except the letters.  

"Do It" rocks are $15.

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