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Some of the items that we will be displaying in this section will be very surprising, and the surprise will be for us as well as for you for we find ourselves trying something new, and often very strange constantly .  I'll give you a for instance.  Shortly after we got our laser engraver we planned a social event where many of our customers could see the machine in action and see many of the products that we were producing.  Naturally we planned to have some refreshments at the event.  Well, it occurred to us (I should say, it occurred to Don) that it would be nice to laser cut some shapes from cookies or maybe some snack crackers.  After all who ever saw a Triscuit with a dog's profile laser cut in it.  Long story short I don't think that anyone still has seen a Triscuit with a dog's profile laser cut in it.  Putting the fire out wasn't so much the problem, actually, it was more the cleaning of the laser machine that stays firmly in my memory.

Still, materials is what new products are all about.  It really is a thrill to try discover a new material and to brain storm what possible products could be laser engraved or laser cut from it.  Cookies and crackers didn't work our for us but leather has, and birch bark has, and driftwood has.  Stones are interesting, quartz crystals are fabulous, kraft paper and boxes are very good, plastics of almost all kings are great and glass is nice.  Cork is one of the premier materials that we have found and velvet and really all kinds of cloth fabrics are delightful.  

This section will be a floating demonstration of what we are doing since its title is new products.  After a while something isn't new, is it?  When something is not new we may shift it to the section entitled Old Classics.  Or we may just let it die a respectable death.  

One material that we have been experimenting with lately is our current subject for New Products.  Plastic mirror material is something I got a glimpse of in one of the home stores a couple of months ago.  The material sat on my brain for a while and I knew that I wanted to pursue it further.  Commercially the product is used in store displays where slot wall construction allows for insertion of racks and hangers to display clothing or other consumer items that are for sale.  We tracked down the manufacturer and ordered some 4 x 8 sheet of two different thickness.  We had no firm idea of what kind of products that we'd make except that it would be some kind of mirror product. 

The first thing I tried was slightly absurd but it was something that had been important to me in one of my earlier indiscretions or perhaps I should say missteps.

What you are looking at is a signal mirror and you may see much more about it by clicking here.   Actually, I once found myself marooned on an island in a wilderness area and try as I might I couldn't find any way to signal for help.
Each day there were one or perhaps two boats that passed by within a mile or two and there were three or four float planes that flew overhead.  I looked in earnest for some kind of reflective material with which to catch the sun's rays for a signaling but there there was none to be had.  This experience left a lasting impression upon me and was the very practical reason that I suggest that no camp outfit should be without some sort of a signaling mirror.

That may have been a practical motivation for the first of our mirror products but we have gotten quite a bit past just making signal mirrors.

You may take a look at some of the products that we have been developing.  Check out some of these by clicking in the following boxes:

Mirror rulers Coasters Signs Custom Products

Mirror photos are perhaps the most beautiful of the recent products that we have been developing from plastic mirror material.  These products are designed for gift shops, especially resort gift shops or gift shops in the far north Minnesota lake country.      

Lake Vermilion is an astoundingly beautiful lake located just south of the Voyager's National Park and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in northern Minnesota.  Breathtaking scenes like the one to the right push your senses to their limit; not only your sense of sight but through the silence broken only by an occasional calling loon, pungent pine smells, the taste of the pure water (yes you actually drink it), your touch of the water and rocks and even with your sensitivity to the great sixth sense, the awareness of the infinite.   

Mirror Photos are not mere photos.  The obvious use of photography such as this example of a pristine lake scene is a framed picture but another unique method of display is as a background on mirrors.  Mirror photo products is a new product that we have begun to supply to gift shops and individuals. 

Take a moment and notice how beautiful scenes may be captured via mirror photos.  This is an extraordinary object that explorers or fishermen returning from a wonderful trip to the wild north country may use in decorating their home or office.  Click here to see the mirror photo pages.

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