Mirror Photos are not mere photos.  Oh no!  But how can I explain it to you fully when mirrors are so difficult to photograph.

I've struggled with this problem of photographing mirrors for years and still no perfect solution.  Still, in yet another attempt notice at right you can actually see me (yes the one with the prematurely gray hair) taking this photo in front of the mirror.  The photo is the one directly above and to the right.  This photo is one of Lake Vermilion - the south shore.  The size of this mirror photo is 11 x 14 inches and its price unframed is $40 and framed as you see it $50.  The photo mirror directly above of Lake Vermilion - north shore is approximately 5 x 7 inches. and is priced at $15 unframed and $20 framed.

We make these mirror photos by engraving the back of the plastic mirror away and filling it with black paint.  You will find the detail amazing.  Plus it's practical as a mirror.



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