Memorials for happenings

A memorial can be as simple a thing as getting your kids to put their "paw" prints in your new cement driveway.  It usually doesn't take much urging, does it?  Still, it's always a great memory to notice the hand prints and remember your little ones at the age they were when the "memorial" was created.
Here is a very delightful memorial.  This is what we call the Anniversary Double Heart.  It is ideal as a wedding gift or for an anniversary.  The hearts are laser cut from Baltic birch and the names and date are laser engraved into the wood and the red velvet is inlaid into lasered out indents.  At the top is the hanging heart also laser cut from wood.  The gift comes with the nylon line shown.

Anniversary Double Hearts sell for $29.95.


The Anniversary Double Heart is just about hand sized and with the price just under $30 it is a unique and affordable gift for all your friends.
Great Grandmother Eunice didn't have her name on the knife blade, of course.  She just had her initials on the handle.  The knife only became a memorial when Eunice's granddaughter had the name and date sand carved on the blade.  Everyone has some Sterling from bygone years and this is a wonderful way to memorialize family members weddings or their anniversaries.  It was usually a couples 25th anniversary where Sterling silver was given as gifts. 

When we do multiple engravings the price is $7 per piece.  Individual pieces are $10.  If you are the one that has ended up with some old family silver this is a wonderful gift to give the sisters and brothers.  People interested in genealogy often enjoy having a "found" memorable such as old Sterling engraved.

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