Memorials and Urns for Pets

Usually a memorial for a person or pet is made after they are dead and gone but when we don't want them forgotten.  This memorial stone (about a foot square) used as a garden stone is a great way to remember a special pet.  In this case graphics depicting the message and the kinds of game hunting Nick was known for is sand carved from lime stone and then filled with brown stain.  Here's another one.  Check here

Stones like this generally run between $60 and $100 depending upon the artwork and size of stone you choose.



We sell various sizes of pet urns but these two are the favorites.  The one on the left is six inches long and $105 and the one on the right a little more than seven inches long and $120.  Engraving from your own photography is included in the price.

Both urns have bottom screwed-in access.  



The urns are made from beautiful red alder hardwood that is ideal for engraving  photography.  The larger of the urns features a lid that opens to a velvet lined top tray where keepsakes like dog tags, photographs or collars may be kept.  Do not fail to check out some of the keepsakes that we produce, ones that are fitting remembrances of your pet.  Click here to see.

Warning!  Black dogs are going to be a problem for photography for laser engraving because black is so, well...Black.  No highlights.  If you can get highlights by getting your black dog under good lights or in direct sunlight you will be helped greatly.  Otherwise click here to see another approach to black dogs.

These is one more thing that we feel we should mention though some may feel it goes beyond normal sensitivities.  Bare with us.  There is the matter of burial caskets for small pet animals like mice, hamsters, kittens, etc. Please click here to view our selection.  

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