Masonry projects may be enhanced by incorporating engraved stones into the stonework.  

Stonework generally utilizes stone of various sizes.  The finished product is thus enhanced because the pattern of stone work is softened by an irregular texture rather than a monotonous regular pattern. At the initial stage of the stone work it is very difficult to see how the various pieces of stone will complement one another in the finished product but as the pieces are put into place the viewer begins to see the bigger picture and to appreciate the diversity of shapes.
The City of Chaska just west of Minneapolis began a new construction project that would include facilities for organizations for meetings and events of various types.
The new Chaska project was constructed on the west end of the extensive existing Chaska Community Center
Included in the project would be a large fireplace one side of which would face the meeting rooms and the other side the windows of the new building.
The planners envisioned that the second side would include several stones that would be engraved with important historical images.  They believed that images such as these would greatly enhance the historical value of the stonework.


From a distance the stonework would look just like the stonework of any fireplace but as the observer drew closer the images would become discernable and the viewer's  interest would be directed to Chaska's history. 

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