Lucky Duck Fribblestones

We have fashioned certain Thought Rocks as luck pieces-of-sorts which we call Lucky Duck Fribbles or Lucky Duck Fribblestones.  What you will see on this page is the original Lucky Duck Fribblestone but we have expanded our line of these stones to include other game and fish and even some other endeavors that require extra measures of luck but do not include the taking of game or fish.  Check here for other Fribblestones.

I have always attached meaning, sometimes of considerable significance to even the smallest unique natural objects, like four leaf clovers, white squirrels, rabbits feet and so on.  As a small child I was always very aware of sidewalk lines and cracks in deference to my mother whose spine and back were at risk whenever I was careless.  (With respect to lucky pieces of any sort, talismans, coins or rabbit feet, this same dear mother, whose very bones were on many occasions spared by her young son stepping carefully along old sidewalks, on religious grounds, was vehemently against any of these potentially superstitious objects that I collected.)

Regardless of her emphatic training, however, I still to this day persist in picking up and enjoying small objects which often have some extended meaning beyond the casual physical attributes one might notice.



"Lucky Duck" is a tried and true expression for a person who is fortunate or especially blessed compared with the average person.  Most successful people are viewed to be lucky, but upon closer observation we find that they have themselves made much of their own luck by recognizing fortunate circumstances and acting upon them accordingly.  Gamblers or lottery players may be lucky or unlucky but one thing is certain; they never would have been lucky enough to make the big killing if they hadn't been playing in the game.

Fishermen and hunters on leave-taking are wished good luck.  They know, of course, that some luck is involved but they also know that if they aren't out there on the lake or in the bog no amount of luck will help them bag anything.  People with deep religious faith believe that God Himself blesses individual people, nations and practices and being thus blessed is the highest form of good luck or fortune.  In this respect, I believe that each day I live I am blessed (or enjoy good fortune or luck) by simply being alive and having good health to enjoy it.

Lucky duck Fribbles are small rocks, with the likeness of a duck engraved upon them.  Of course, they do not actually impart any mystical power; one can't just rub a Lucky Duck and expect ducks to start flying or fish to start biting.  On the other hand it wouldn't do any harm either to pack your Luck Duck with your gear as a gesture of your desire to have good hunting or good fishing.  It may be a good conversation piece within your group, too.  I actually do ascribe certain power to a Lucky Duck as a symbolic object.  To me it represents good hunts I've had in the past and desire to have more in the future.  Seeing the Lucky Duck or finding it in my hunting coat motivates me to go the extra effort to plan and actually go on hunting trips.

It should also be noted that fribbling did not start with Lucky Ducks or other so-called lucky charms.  Pheasant and grouse hunters have held in their hand and fribbled shot gun shells for time out of mind.  The feel and sound and the weightiness of these small objects passes the idle time between those moments of vigorous activity. 

I find that on long auto trips, especially to (but also from) hunting or fishing spots, it is a delight to discover in my jacket pocket a familiar and friendly item like a Lucky Duck.  It immediately points my thoughts toward the expected hunting or fishing or makes me recall a good experience just completed or from years past.

The Lucky Ducks that we make are from our own original art of canvasback and mallard ducks.  The canvasback is a nine stroke line drawing and the mallard is a profile solid image.  Both are sand carved on common rock pebbles that are naturally tumbled in river beds to about a 60 grit smoothness.  After the Lucky Ducks are sand carved the images are filled, the canvasback with red laquer and the mallard with clear laquer.  The Lucky Ducks are packaged in their own gift box and includes a condensation of the story just conveyed and is a portion of a delightful little book entitled There are Two Kinds of Rocks, by Donald McLeland

When you buy a Lucky Duck Fribblestone you should also purchase one of these little books.  In addition to the story of the two kinds of rocks and of Lucky Duck Fribblestones in particular there is also a section about how the author (that's Don the Laserman) first got interested in fribblestons and why they are important.  

 Lucky Ducks are $6.95 and the the little booklet is $1.00.  When you order ten or more Lucky Duck Fribblestones we will even add your own custom information on the bottom of the Fribblestone box.


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