Gramma's Flowers

To be sure not everyone needs a Gramma's Flowers rock.  Actually, hardly anyone I know even knows what a Gramma's Flowers rock is.  

In fact, there are two very real and practical reason for rocks such as these and these are the reasons why they're in my garden.  For example, this one is shown in my iris garden in front of my home just a few feet from the street. 


The first reason is that plants such as these are often originally a part of a grandparent's garden and gardeners enjoy recalling where the plants originated.  From my experience the flowers that are most cherished as hand-me-downs from older family members such as grandparents are iris, peonies, roses and lilies.  Plantings such as these can last many years and individual plants like the roses and peonies can themselves continue to thrive for many generations.


As a purely practical matter all gardeners place rocks in their flower beds so they can step into the garden without damaging the flowers by packing down the earth and for keeping ones feet free of mud.


Gardeners aren't always grubby and indifferent about whether or not they are covered with good earth.  I know that I am usually looking over my garden and pulling a weed or two or cultivating a little even on my way out of the house before leaving for work. 

Stepping stones such as these are great for getting into lush gardens without doing damage and for keeping clean. 

Particularly sentimental people very frequently even save a rock from a loved one's garden along with the flowers.  On some of these rocks we have even engraved a likeness of the person being remembered.  

The letters and graphics on this rock are sand carved deeply into the rock and then filled with brown waterproof enamel.  The price of garden rocks such as the one shown in these pictures range between seventy to eighty dollars depending upon the amount of text or graphics.
Now there is another way to use a "memorial of sorts" as a stepping stone in a garden.  This piece of lime stone has been engraved on it's edge and combined with two other stones to form a stepper in one of my iris gardens.  A stone like this will run about thirty or forty dollars.


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