There are those, I've even known one or two of these people, who will tell you that a hole in one is, to some degree a matter of golfing skill.  Nonsense!  Nothing is farther from the truth for golfer or no all of us know that a hole in one is purely a matter of luck.  You hit enough balls, even poorly hit balls, somewhere near a short hole green and you might be lucky enough to get one one of them into the hole.


This being true it is mandatory, if you have and interest in achieving a hole in one or if you have a loved one who does, that you employ whatever luck enhancing devices you can find.  Here is just such an charm. We sand carve the hole the flag stick and the ball and then fill the engraved areas with acrylic.  

These Fribblestones are fabulous for individual golfers, for golf teams (they'll have that unfair advantage every sporting team desires) or for people who take others on golf outings.  What a great gift this is as you start out your outing to get the people all pumped up.  Plus golfers will have fun with the little lucky piece for the entire outing and for years to come.  

The golf fribblestones are slightly smaller than a golf ball and they find a perfect home in the ball compartment of golf bags.

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