Wood Chip Key Ring


Wood chip keychain 2a.jpg (44163 bytes). When you find a likely camp site the first thing you do is to get out of the boat or canoe and inspect it carefully for cleanliness and freedom from potential problems.  Insects and mice would be two such problems.  Next you look around for protection from storms and ease of landing and launching your boat.  Finally, when you have more or less decided on the site you look for availability of firewood.   Sometimes you are even lucky enough to find some wood left there by the last campers.  Usually, however, what you find is hundreds of wood chips about like the one used for this key chain.  Lots of wood chopping takes place in any wilderness campsite


Wood chip keychain 4a.jpg (50346 bytes)

These key chains are engraved in one of two ways.  Either we'll engrave you own photo on the wood chip or you may buy a wood chip with our special pine cone and grouse design.  You will find that the detail of engraving your own photos will be excellent.  Note the detail of the picture to the right.  My son is washing dishes in the lake and you can clearly see our boat in the background. 

The price of the Woodchip Key chain in our standard design is $7.95 and with your own photo, $9.95.



The standard Woodchip keychain is engraved with a ruffed grouse head on one side and a pine cone and needles on the other. Woodchip keychain5a.jpg (38104 bytes)

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