Sunrise Plaque

It has often been said that there are no atheists in foxholes.  This is generally true because a soldier thinks deeply about personal mortality in an environment frought with danger.  It is also true, but for slightly different reasons, that there are few atheists among sportsmen.  Sunrises and sometimes sunsets are the main reason.
Without doubt, sportsmen are to (that is conscious and aware) at sunrise more often than most other people.  Paper route people and others in early morning occupations are awake, of course, but seldom are they aware of sunrises as are sportsmen. 


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Sunrise usually takes an hour from first glow to official sunrise.  Not surprisingly, the sun's progress is so obvious and so dominates the entire visible world that physical senses and intellect are focused on this one natural drama.  For this entire hour sportsmen may and often do ponder life and all components of it.  Mainly they marvel at the shear magnitude of the world around them and especially at the wonder of the sun.  Nearly all of these people are aware that what they are witnessing is all a part of a created world and that there is an infinite God who is responsible.

Many pagan people over the centuries have also marveled at the magnitude of the sun and many of them even worshipped it as a deity.   These pagan concepts are now mostly passe' but there lingers a modern day equivalent.  Pure secularism has replaced the old concepts.  It surmises "the sun and all its qualities and the turns of the earth are simply a product of the evolution of the ages."  Can't be verified, can't be explained.  Just is.  This logic, really illogic, suffices for many on the busy streets of the city as they go about their routine for there are other things on their minds and there is seldom, if ever, an entire concentrated hour where deep thought dominates ones consciousness.

But in a duck or goose blind, on a deer stand, in a grouse covert or forest glen there simply is nothing else that is capable of pushing aside the deeper thoughts.  During that time, just as during the time in a foxhole with battle raging all around, atheism is absurd and the best explanation for everything you see, hear, feel, touch or taste is God.


Sunrise Plaques are both unique and lovely.  A scripture text that is often used to correctly capture the sportsman's reaction to the sunrise is Psalm 19:1, "The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows His handiwork."   This little plaque is a great gift for a sportsman or for any person who chooses to believe that God creating the world is a more sensible option than the absurdity of evolution.

The wood plaque is highly polished and has a tiny hole for wall mounting.                      

                                  Price - $5 each. 


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