Sportsman's Little Ruler

Sportsmen are the same as most other people when it comes to the necessity of a ruler to know the exact size of something.  In fact they are more in need of a ruler in their boat or blind for the very practical reason that they are limited to the resources that are with them out in their fishing or hunting haunt.
Sportsman's rulers are accurate 6 inch laser engraved rules made from genuine birch bark.  They are flexible enough to be jammed into the bottom of a tackle box or hunting shell case and they are totally water proof. $4.00 each

You may be asking, "What does a sportsman need with a ruler?"  After all isn't a hunter or fisherman just sitting out there "communing with nature?"  What pressing reason would they have that would require a ruler?  I give you a fisherman as an example.  First, almost all fishermen want or need to measure their catch.  This is obviously necessary if the fish is to be released to bite again.  Of course, one presumes the resourceful angler already has a tape measure in his tackle box.  Right?  Well that's actually wrong.  Almost no one remembers a tape measure or ruler.  A tackle box is absolutely full of everything but the kitchen sink but it seldom a ruler.  Despite the small size (just 6 inches) the ruler  works just fine for measuring the largest fish when that is necessary.

Also, the ruler is a great conversation piece and will be enjoyed by any sportsman. 

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