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Like any garden variety engraving company we purchase frames and engrave on them.  This frame and the one just below are two such frames.  These come in all sizes and colors and the prices of the engraved finished product retails at $15.95.  (Only for 3-1/2 x 5 size photos)  
We also use standard frames such as these in a somewhat different way.  The sample to the left shows actual birch bark with title engraved inlayed right into the frame itself.  We also make mats to customer specifications and in the sample to the left that too is made of actual birch bark.   The price for a frame as shown here is $24.95. 

In addition to standard frames we have some very unusual frame creations which we manufacture and engrave right in our home office location.   The frames we show here come in a variety of beautiful woods including basswood, mahogany, red alder, oak, birch, maple and walnut.

Frame profile of fishermen3 internet.jpg (40858 bytes) Frame profile of fishermen1 internet.jpg (35452 bytes)

These frames, (mahogany at left and basswood at right) has the profile of two fishermen and retails for $19.95. 

Frame profile of Northern Pike internet.jpg (43854 bytes) Frame profile of walleye internet.jpg (34754 bytes)

Two other very popular fishing frames are the Northern Pike and Walleye Pike silhouette frames.  The woods shown are mahogany on the left and red alder on the right.  Price for these frames is also $19.95.

Frame with interlock corners1 internet.jpg (45189 bytes) Frame with star corners1 internet.jpg (37933 bytes)
Frames with interlock corners give us the ability to manufacture frames with pleasing mixtures of wood.  The above frame is shown in mahogany and maple with the maple horizontal bottom piece an excellent place to engrave a title.  This frame typically retails for $19.95 plus $5 for the engraving. There are many other versions of interlock corners, too.  This walnut frame uses stars of walnut and maple to give a pleasing color contrast.  The frame retails for $19.95 and when it is personalized with an inlaid four letter name the total is $25.  Additional letters are $1.25 each.
Frame with interlock corners5 for internet.jpg (48422 bytes) Frame with interlock corners6 for internet.jpg (34102 bytes)

Interlock corner frames are also made with inlaid shapes like the walleye or sunfish shown above.  The retail price of these frames is $24.95.

Frame with inlaid shamrock corners for internet.jpg (44649 bytes) Frame with inlaid Irish clan for internet.jpg (43009 bytes)

Frames may be made with various subject inlayed corners or title plates.  At left is a shamrock corner design and at right an Irish clan name design.  Both  of these frames retail for $24.95.

Frame with with oval and engraved image for internet.jpg (58107 bytes) Frames may have picture openings other than rectangular.  This design is one with an oval opening and displays the image of a walleye engraved on one corner.  This frame retails at $19.95 plus $5 for the engraving.

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