Minnesota Roots was originated as a trade style of PX Paperworx, the copying, color copying and large size visual provider.   We wanted to appeal to the Minnesotan's sense of nostalgia about having grown up in the state whether or not we remained there in our later years.  In fact, we think half the people that were originally brought up in Minnesota probably now reside in California, Arizona or Florida.  "Mom never raised no dummies."  The product line is laser engraved gifts of all kinds and there are four major collections of gifts plus a fifth, which we call Kids Korner, that includes juvenile items but still with the Minnesota Roots theme.  The four collections are Sportsman, Boundary Waters, Farmstead and Lake Agassiz.  You will enjoy the trip through our collections if for no other reason than to recall some of the memories that you may have had in Minnesota.  We also want you to consider buying some of our products.  They are particularly fitting for people who presently live in Minnesota (and have no intention of leaving, the diehards) or for people that are off to "greater things" and would enjoy a little bit of Minnesota minus the snow and cold.
Sportsman Boundary Waters Farmstead Lake Agassiz Kids Korner


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