Lake Agassiz

Of course we knew that when you saw the title Lake Agassiz this would be the first page you'd click on simply because you want to know what Lake Agassiz is.  Or you may actually know what the lake is and you want to know if we know.  Either way we owe you an explanation and we hope that this collection will become one of our most successful ones.

Yes, Lake Agassiz was a prehistoric lake.  It was not a fictional lake by any means; certainly not at all like Lake Wobegon, for example.  The lake itself covered much of Minnesota, the entire northwestern portion running roughly from Montevideo to Duluth.  The lake was the result of the warm up and run off of the great glaciers that covered much of the Northern Hemisphere and said to have existed in the several hundred years around 12,000 years ago.

More will be told about this marvelous lake as we present gift items to you that contain some of the historical artifacts of the lake itself.  The entire Minnesota geography is shaped largely from the glaciers and from the enormous run offs from Lake Agassiz.  Please be patient for this gift line to emerge for it will be the last of the collections to be completed. 

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