Island Pen

This is a very unique pen, actually.  In fact you'll find that this little item will be the first thing that a Boundary Waters explorer will pack.

Boundary Waters Pen5b.jpg (69286 bytes) Why, this pen almost looks like a knife, doesn't it?  Well, it actually is but it's much more than that, too.  To begin with this lovely pen is made from Boundary Waters driftwood.  The pen you see to the left was actually made from a piece of driftwood just like the one shown in the picture.  Most of us venturing into the Boundary Waters use the driftwood we find for fires and glad we are when we find some that's dry and when it's close by.

Beneath the coarse exterior of driftwood, however, is beautiful nicely grained hardwood.  The sample shown in this picture is made from popple, a wood seldom believed to be valuable but one that turns very nicely on the lathes of our journey craftsmen.

Boundary Waters Pen1b.jpg (94719 bytes) Examine the tools that are included in addition to the ball point pen (shown mounted on the pen).  There is a razor sharp exacto blade, a tweezers, a phillips screwdriver and a regular screw driver.  Plus, there is plenty of spare room inside the pen compartments for other tiny tools and even for an emergency supply of cash.  A couple of twenties for an emergency will be very, very handy, trust me on this one.

The Island Pen comes engraved with the Boundary Waters logo, the islands and canoeists.  The price of the Boundary Waters pens are $19.95 each and they may also be personalized with an individual's name added on the clip end for an additional $5.

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