Farm population in Minnesota, like most other states, presently account for an extremely small number, just a few percent.  Everyone, it seems, has already "moved to town."  However, extending back two generations, that is to say, in the days of our grandparents, the story was significantly different.  Even today half or more of the city populations trace their roots no farther back than their grandparents to farms and small rural communities.  This is why, as we have created the Minnesota Roots gift items that the Farmstead Collection is such an important one.

We will be excited to detail out this collection and to present items that will capture the flavor and aroma of farm life in Minnesota.  About half of Minnesota, the entire southern half of the state is considered prime farm country.  In addition there are countless farmsteads that were once scraped out of the northern forest country.  Most but not all of these "marginal" farms have over time gone back to the wild.  Just a few remain today.

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