Critter Foot Coasters

Critter Foot Coasters are really nifty.  They are made out of dead maple trunks and branches and, together with their natural rings and mortality markings, they are engraved with forest animal foot prints and accented with a circular basket weave pattern. 
Foot coasters1a.jpg (34841 bytes) The coasters are highly polished for your enjoyment and for durability.   

We sell these by the foot (pardon the pun) at $5 per foot or for a set of 4, $16.50.

Foot coasters2a.jpg (36799 bytes) The reverse side of the coaster is also polished and engraved with the Minnesota Roots logo and the name of the critter whose track is on the opposite side.
Foot coasters5.jpg (32925 bytes) Children enjoy the names on the opposite side for games among themselves and for learning the identity of creatures (or tracks) that they may see in the yard or during a trip to the woods.

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