Camp Light

The suave city psyche comprehends not the full meaning of complete darkness.  It's really very dark out there when daylight finally fails.  Even stout men and women fear for their souls when the deep black sets in and the night creatures begin their prowl.  I can recall some times when the slithering of mere mice in the black darkness took on the believed stature of man-eating bears or slathering gray wolves and no amount of light flashing or scolding through the tent flap would stop their clatter.  When all efforts failed you pulled your hatchet or axe the closer and felt a whole lot better with heavy steel close at hand. 

The camper wants his light.  Believe me on this.   Some may call this little light a tea light (that's what it's called in the city) but it is not that at all.  There is no tea involved.  This is a tiny light that lifts the spirit a little there in your tent just before the days exertion tugs you on toward a good nights sleep.  You can read just a little by the camp light or you can organize your wet clothes to dry and separate the moist things, the socks and parkas from the vital dry things, like maps and matches.  These lights are good for what ails you out there in the tent but they are absolutely fabulous back at home when you have a chance to recollect.

Camp Light is a practical little item to take along in your gear for your tent or for having some candlelight with your evening meal.  This is really a very practical suggestion.

  As any camper among you knows the last half of every evening meal is eaten in the dark.  This little item may not be the cure but it will improve the situation.  Be sure to take along some extra tea lights. 

Camplight2a.jpg (23739 bytes)
Camp Lights are $4 each or $10 for a set of three.

Camp Light is also a great mood light for around your home in the city.  A couple of these plus some of the Critter Foot Coasters are perfect accents for your rustic den or amusement room.  This is a good gift item for any Boundary Waters aficionado.

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