Camp Temp

Camp temp3a.jpg (46556 bytes) Camp Temp is designed as an accompaniment to the Camp Light.

Thermometers are typically not found in camp sights.  People just don't think to take one along.  It's a great gift for a camper for this same reason.  They'll never think of it themselves.


 Price . . . . . . . . . .$8


"Knowing temperature is a luxury for a camper, right?"

"Yes, it is." 

"Then why do these "rough it" guys and gals need a thermometer anyway?" 

"Would you like me to explain?  People who live and sleep in the wilderness have very few luxuries and typically do not have a thermometer.  But when something that can fit into the palm of your hand and can give a modicom of pleasure it's not so much a luxury but a touch of elegance that gives the camper a little extra pleasure."  

Campers already know this and the rest of you people better get to understand it.   We're elegant!   

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