You are looking at what is called the Boundary Waters.  It's the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, actually and it's the great expanse that lies east and west along the international border of Minnesota and Canada.  This is where it is virtually impossible to distinguish one country from another for islands like these all look alike.  
There are no gas stations or resorts here to stop for instructions. Without a compass and a good map or navigation chart a boater or canoeist will be hopelessly lost.  The Boundary Waters area, indeed, is often an unforgiving and hostile country.  At the same time the loveliness of the place inevitably brands itself on the consciousness of all people who enter.  Its sights, sounds, smells, touch and even tastes are never, never forgotten.

Little wonder that many explorers into this vast and ethereal land are delighted to savor the memories through mementos and reminders of the wonderful country that they experienced.  Photos and other items brought back from the camping experience are some of the very best sources for just such memories.  

Consider these unique gifts for a lover of the Boundary Waters whether the affection is from  firsthand experience or simply the wish that this were so.


Wood Chip
 Key Ring
"Been There" Plaque Pencil 
"Been There" Snifter Signal 

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