Boundary Water Driftwood Pencil Cup

Of course, no one but a Boundary Water aficionado (camper, hiker, fisherman, explorer or the like) would want anything that appears, at first, as ugly as a Boundary Water Driftwood Pencil Cup.  Not on their desk for everyone to see.  Having said this let me tell you that our first customer was a boy who bought one for his teacher sister.  The wood upon which the beautiful laser images have been engraved is, in fact, tree branches that have been curing for years on desolate northern Minnesota shorelines.  We have even kept the weathered exterior of the branches for special wilderness ambiance.  For time out of mind these branches have been used for firewood but now it is gathered for a much higher purpose.  We boat and truck the branches back and finely shape and finish the wood into desk pieces that display familiar Boundary Water's scenes. 

The pencil cups are constructed with a large enough hole for a number of pencils and at the bottom of the hole is a cork bottom.  Nifty! 


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