Birch Photo Frames

Picture frames are "foo foo", right?  Well at least they are to a lot of "true sportsmen".  They're macho people you know.  To tell you the truth though, sportsmen aren't at all resistant to photo frames, at least not when they have a little bit of the woods built right in.  This is where Birch photo frames fit into the picture. 

Customers that buy these frames from us don't even need to worry about whether their picture fits properly into the frame.  We take their photo and reproduce it to perfectly fit and they get the finished product birch framed picture and their own photo back as well.

Take this picture frame for example.  Notice that there is a birch bark (actually real birch bark) mat around the picture and there is an inlaid birch bark title at the bottom.  Now this is a frame that a sportsman can get very excited about.  


The cost of a birch photo frame complete including your picture is $24.

This photo frame may be used as a vertical or horizontal display.  We do the inlaying or engraving of the frame to our customers specifications, of course.  You'd only realize it by examining the photos below the frame but the framed photo was retouched to include the fella in the picture that actually took the picture.  We'll do retouching like that for our customers for a small retouching charge.

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