Birch Pencil Cup

Some people, usually the big city folks, think that sportsmen only know how to grunt and shoot guns.  Not so!  Many of us actually read and write and we find it very beneficial, yes even elegant, to have a pencil cup there on the table by our chair to hold our various writing instruments.  And, we really do enjoy having memories of our favorite hunting or fishing spots readily in view.  This is how the Sportsman Pencil cup came into existence. 

Simply put the Sportsman Pencil Cup is a piece of birch wood with laser engraved birch bark on the rounded edge with the two flat sides engraved with the sportsman's own photos.  There are a host of varieties of these pencil cups (they are all shown below) but this is the basic concept.  For about $25 a guy or gal can have their own sport specialty plus their choice photos engraved for their own or their friends enjoyment for years to come.

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