"Been There" Plaque

canoe 2a.jpg (26045 bytes) The Boundary Waters is not a trifle my friends.  Money can't get you in and get you out of there.  No, you must make it in and out with guts and grit.   If you are canoing you will carry your own vessel many times just to navigate the many connecting (but still requiring portages) lakes and rivers.  
If you want even more luxury than a canoe will offer you may choose a small boat.  In this case you will be portaging (that is to say carrying on your own back) your rowboat together with your tent, food, tackle, et el.  When you make it out of the Boundary Waters it is with a real mixed emotion.  Glad you were there and glad you're out.

The "Been to the Boundary Waters" Plaques are something very special.   They are actually made from driftwood taken from Lake Superior, one of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Lakes, Crane, Namakon, Sandpoint, Rainy or Kabatogama.  The driftwood itself is birch, popple, aspen, ash or maple.  The laser inscription "Been to the Boundary Waters" is meaning enough for the hearty souls that have "been dare, done dat."  The plaques are three to four inches long and are perfect additions to your shelf where a photo or artifact of the Boundary Waters is displayed.  The plaques are $7.95 and may be purchased via this web page or in our main showroom in Minneapolis.   

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