Famous Quote Rock

We produce a very unique product line which we call Beauty and Truth.  The gist of this program is that there are very many objects in nature that are very commonplace and plain, perhaps even ugly, when viewed superficially.  When they are inspected more closely, and often after special machining, they appear quite differently and in many cases they are very lovely.  


There is a delightful portion of a poem by John Keats that states, "Beauty is truth, truth beauty.  That's all ye know and all ye need to know."

We first started to fashion little plaques like this on on common driftwood but finely finished to reveal inner beauty.

Another related quotation, one by Blaise Pascal, the amazing 17th century French physicist and mathematician, "Nature is an infinite sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere."

To us the Pascal comment confirmed our attempts to dig deeper and deeper into nature's products to discover ever increasing truth and beauty. 

In our experience "Beauty and truth lie lid within the heart of a thing" and our continuing pursuit to find these hidden natural features opens to us wonderful truth and beauty that we are able to share with our customers.

The very plain rock that you see to the right never would be thought to be extraordinary in any way.

But when the rock is cut and then polished it reveals a hidden mineral crystal (just below the "w" in within" tucked neatly inside a small quartzite pocket.

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