Denial of the God Shaped Void occurs among all demographics, religious people not excepted.  People have an uncanny ability to push from their minds the presence of a disquieting sensation despite its persistence through a variety of denial techniques.  Usually, however, denial is only partial denial.  

For many people aggressive work or play are the most common denial techniques.  This is not dissimilar to how people take their minds off of problems they have by just staying busy.  This works, of course, but when busy activities subside, during bedtime or during the night for example, the sense of unease persistently returns.  Sleeping pills, alcohol or other drugs are so popular by some people and for the very good reason that while they are "high" their minds don't focus properly.  But this sort of denial is merely systemic; there is a more purposeful form as well and we see this in many individuals.

Dogmatic religion may successfully mask a person's sense of unease and dogmatic anti-religion is just as much a mask.  Truly, these people's minds are totally at rest and content in their own particular dogma.  Take for example a religious person that reads the Bible literally and refuses to consider any evidence or concept that violates literal reading of scripture.  Atheist (sometimes they call themselves agnostics) are deeply committed to their dogma that as they say, "If something can't be perceived with your five senses it doesn't exist."   Dogmatic people of any sort are so heavily invested in their fixed beliefs that they are unable to consider additional points of view.  A humorous comment but one often reflecting true beliefs is, "My minds made up so don't confuse me with the facts."






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