The Flippin' Pig is the smallest of all the paperweights.  Honest.  Actually, this tiny stone might not even be considered a paperweight but with the difficulty of putting difficult to categorize things into a category (reminiscent of the joke about the two convicts) we opted to put it in the paperweight category.  I feel sure you are going to like this coffee or other beverage flipping piece a lot.  No one will ever have seen anything like it and it will probably be the conversation topic around the office for quite some time.  Ever take a pig hike?

First of all it is mandatory that the Flippin' Pig is as small as it is.  When you flip a stone, as you would flip a coin, the stone must be flat enough to flip properly and it must be small enough so that when you slap it on the back of your non flipping hand to display the results you do not do painful damage to your hand.  So those are the criteria constraints we had in making the Flippin' Pigs.  Still the stone needs to be large enough so that it can remain firmly on your stack of papers and at least partially serve as a paperweight.

The design we've chosen for the heads side of the flipper is, that's right, it's a head, a pig's head.  And the tails side has, that's right you've guessed it again, a the other. 

You may also feel you need a box in which to keep your Flippin' Pig.  This will help you keep your flipper secure.  Trust me on this, without a box your work pals are going to snitch you Flippin' Pig. 


Flippin' Pigs are $5 and I believe you're going to need one, in fact you might order two (2 for $8) because the first one is going to disappear.  Betcha a cup of coffee on it.  Boxes with the laser engraved inscription as shown are $2 each.

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