Coasters and Trivets are alike with respect to their function.  A trivet insulates heat from beneath like an iron stove from things kept on top like utensils or bowls of food, or they insulate a table's finish from the heat of a hot dish that is on top of it.  A coaster insulates a table from either from damage of a hot glass or mug or from moisture that might be on the glass.  But they are almost always decorative too.  Just a plain piece of cork would do for a coaster, of course, but who would settle for something that bland!

We recognize the utility of coasters naturally but we really must admit right up front that we lean much more toward the decorative features of coasters rather than the purely functional ones.

Take these three coasters, for example.  One is made from cork (it's on the top and the bottom is wood), one is plastic that is simulated brass with cork on the bottom and one is plastic mirror (it won't break) on the top and cork on the bottom. 
Some people want to design their own coasters as you might expect.  The owner of the Brittany Ginger wanted to use the coasters to help promote the children's book entitled Ginger. Take a look at the pieces that he had made.

We have oodles of coasters which you will want to view.  Many are ready for immediate shipment and many may be customized with your own graphics or photography.  Check them out by clicking right here 

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