Caskets for small pets

Major Richard Ira Bong was by far the most famous of the of World War II flying aces.  In fact his fellow flyers from all periods since World War II call him America's Ace of Aces.  He was from Superior, Wisconsin so many Minnesotans, including my family, followed his heroic career with interest.  We refer you to the web page depicting Bong's life and exploits.  (Click here. )  Though just a child I was one of the Major Bong devotees and pinned up articles about him in my room along with the many air combat photos and Strombecker solid model airplanes we built and displayed.  It was perfectly natural that when Chessie our cat gave birth to a stillborn kitten under the refrigerator that we would name it Major Bong and bury it with honors in our back yard.  Of course we feared that something (perhaps our dog) would dig him up we buried him deep and securely inside a cloth lined Kraft cheese box.  The wood cheese box was a little too long for the kitten but suitable as a coffin and the ceremony suitable for a wartime cat.

We're in a much different world today than we were in 1943, most everything seems changed.  Still, while some things are radically different some other things remain radically the same and the tenderness of a child's heart for his pet at the time it dies is one such abiding human emotion.

We take the matter of burial of children's pets most seriously and we enthusiastically provide a very lovely assortment of pet caskets from which you may choose.  And above all we do want to emphatically suggest that whatever casket you choose remember our admonition,  bury it deep!     

Mouse, goldfish,  small bird

Hamster Parakeet
  Guinea Pig  

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