Bible Rocks and Stones have for time out of mind been intriguing objects and symbolisms to many.  Some usages of the words rock or stone are front and center in many of the world's great religions.  Christ called Peter "The rock on which I build My church."  Rock of ages is a term many think is in the Bible but, of course it isn't.  God is described numerous times by King David as his "Rock of Salvation."  He also refers to God as the "Rock that is higher than I."  Stones are often used as weapons to kill people in stories of the Bible.  Stephen, for example, is "stoned to death by a mob as the apostle Paul stood by."  Throughout the theology of the Jewish and Christian Religions rocks and stones are punctuations of symbolisms for many important ideas or precepts and for this reason we are making a rather extensive collection of rocks (and stones) as religious symbols.


Religious Symbols Stones Cry Out collection Miniature Symbol Monument Three Cross Crystal
Tiger Eye Fruit of The Spirit I Was There Do It


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