Alabaster Markers

At about 4 inches across this beautiful alabaster marker gives you plenty of space for an individuals name, their date of birth and death and a sentiment that particularly characterizes the person in your memory.  This sample alabaster marker is for my father who often warned me against forcing some mechanical object beyond its breaking point.  In even a broader context the expression, "Don't force it" has always been a meaningful admonition that I learned from my father and that I have always tried to observe.

Alabaster crystal is a unique material that has a special internal glow or gleam as is characterized in the song America the Beautiful whose words include "...thine alabaster cities gleam..."



Alabaster may be processed in two ways to give dramatically different appearances.  The stone on the left is natural alabaster crystal.  It is translucent, displaying internal grains.  When we engrave stones this way we generally fill the engraving with gold.  Some people like alabaster pure white.  The stone on the right has been carefully heated and is completely opaque from the heating process.  Stones processed this way are termed Marmo di Castellina.  The fill is pewter and and has been baked into the stone.  Either marker mounted on a walnut base is $22.

We also engrave graphics produced from your photographs.  This graphic was actually hand drawn (or traced) from a photograph.
This graphic is a photographic image done in Photoshop.  

I mentioned how my fathers advice "Don't force it" has been an important memory for me.  Similarly, the expression, "His eye is on the sparrow" is memorable for me from way back when I was just a child.  I was very interested in making bird houses and my favorite birds were purple martins, the apartment dwellers.  Well, early in the spring when I would put up my martin houses English sparrows would infest the bird apartments preventing the martins from building their nests.  My very effective solution was to shoot the sparrows with my BB gun.

My mother frowned on her boy shooting God's creatures and consistently discouraged me from using my BB gun "improperly."  On one occasion when I thought I was properly hidden behind a tree away from my mother's view, I thought, I was up to my normal sparrow hunting activity.  From inside our house I could hear my mother's voice singing the words of the hymn and the words were, "His eye is on the sparrow, and I know he watches me."  I don't recall if this cured me from shooting sparrows but over the many years I have fondly recalled my mother's words and the lesson that she was teaching me.    
When we do simple graphics suitable for engraving in stone the appearance in an initial observation appears quite different than a photograph but the effect is to retain the individual's facial characteristics and the result on the alabaster stone is dramatic.  We charge $20 to prepare the graphic from a photograph. 

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