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We produce three ornaments for pet admirers.  They are made from beautifully finished hardwoods and each is meticulously designed.  

  The first of the ornaments is one that customers may personalize themselves by inserting their own photo in a slide cassette on the side of the ornament.  You may view how installation of the photo is accomplished by clicking here.   The suggested price for these ornaments is $15.   
Premium Ornaments are made from customer photographs and are made from red alder hardwood which has been thickly coated with acrylic finish.  On the ornament shown to the right the background has been removed to give emphasis to the puppy and the boy.

The price for this ornament is $25.

(Occasionally customers request complex photo work or engravings from more than one photo which may adds additional cost to custom ornaments.)


Deluxe ornaments are made from two layers of red alder and the discs made from a rather rare hardwood called curly maple.  The contrast of the dark outer frame and the very light inner disc is dramatic.  The discs feature the engraved photograph for one side of the ornament and the name of the memorialized pet on the other.

The price of the deluxe ornament is $40.

Gift Boxes for the ornaments with footprints.  The boxes feature cutouts (with plastic lining) for dogs and cats and in two sizes.  The boxes are $3 each.   

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