We invite our customers to familiarize themselves with the things that we do and the products that we sell.  We have a little table and a loose leaf binder with various images and pictures of finished products on which images have been engraved.

This is the place where we discuss the suitability of the customer's photo for the type of engraving that is desired.

Do you notice the tabby cat on the table?  Click on Tippy to see if she is real. 

We along with Tippy attended the 2008 Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA) annual meeting and Tippy was a big hit as you might expect.  And happily so was our veterinary clinic display shelf on which our Memory Boxes and accompanying pet keepsakes are displayed.

We have recently announced our new Pet Portraits Keepsake Program for veterinarians throughout the state of Minnesota and vicinity.  For more information about this program, click here. 

Veterinarians participating in the Pet Portraits Keepsake Program place one of these displays on in their hospital or clinic.  There are a number of engraved keepsakes displayed on this shelf and you may examine them more closely by clicking here to see the entire product line. 

The featured keepsake item on the display shelf is the Memory Box on the bottom shelf.  For a closer look at this lovely Memory Box (urn) click here. 



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