Memory Box may be a euphemism for urn but it is not just a euphemism.

We substituted the words Memory Box for urn when we first started manufacturing them for the very good reason that memories were the object of the boxes that we were making.  If the object of a box was simply to hold cremation ashes, the chipboard box they were already in would suffice, but these boxes are much more than containers for ashes..


 Size/Shape Selection Charts

Photo End Memory Box

  Butternut Memory Box

  Small Cedar Memory Box

  Pets of all kinds are important additions to families, and as such, recalling an animal in the context of family members or family activities is especially meaningful.

The Memory Boxes to the left and above form the basic family of Memory Box/urns that we manufacture.  There are numerous styles of these basic boxes but most of them utilize the basic shell that you observe. 

Notice that one box has a red wood (South American paduk) and the other tawny brown wood (red alder) tops.  One has a drawer; the other does not.  Both have layered bottoms and tops and both have a compartment under the lift-off top for keepsake items like dog tags, papers, etc.  
We mentioned that we like to record memories on the boxes that we make.  Now who could ever forget when a new kitten is brought home how tiny and delicate they are.
Still, little kittens grow to be cats, and little delicate Murphy grew to be a truly sophisticated Bengal cat.  

This is our signature Memory Box and it includes the two color schemes for tops and four drawer options in addition to two non-drawer boxes.  All of these Memory Boxes including one engraved photo are $150, with additional photo preparation costs of $20 for each engraved photo.  

Whenever we use a paw print in the products that we make, we carefully select either a cat or dog print depending upon whether the animal memorialized is a cat or dog. 

Show me the cat print.

May I see the dog print?


Photo Memory Boxes

The sizes of the Photo Memory Boxes are:

Standard size box:      7-3/4" wide, 4-3/4" deep and 5-1/4" high     Price $130

 Small size box:          5-3/4" wide, 3-3/4"deep and 4" high            Price $110

We have prepared an elegant option for pet owners-A complete line of Photo Memory Boxes.  

The first of these is the Photo End Memory Box. This box has beautiful cat and dog paw wood inlays on the  front panels.  Both ends of these boxes have removable wood frames where your own pet photo may be displayed.  Usually pet owners will include a photo on one end with a family member and a portrait of the animal on the other. This box is available with or without a front memorabilia drawer depending on whether the box is to be used as an actual urn or a memory box with limited urn capacity.

Each memory box has a memorabilia compartment under the beautiful lift-off lid.

Photo End Memory Boxes come in two sizes and each size also comes in a front drawer and a no drawer model.  The drawer is intended for additional memorabilia such as photographs or, perhaps items such as dog tags or the animal's favorite toy.

The second type of Photo Memory Box is the Photo Front Memory Box.  This box offers the opportunity to display a pet photo on the front of the box.  We designed this as our lowest priced Memory Box and have eliminated the walnut paw print inlays, the front memorabilia drawer and some of the exotic hardwoods.  This box does come in both of the sizes, the same as our higher priced models. 

Standard Size Price:     $90

Small Size Price           $70


These Butternut Memory Boxes and the Small Cedar Memory Boxes below are not intended to contain cremation ashes, rather they are simply small boxes where memorabilia regarding your pet or any other small object may be contained.  Some people who scatter the bulk of their pet's ashes out of doors sometimes do retain a small amount for these boxes when that is their preference.  The Butternut Memory Box with two engraved images, a small one in the front panel and a large one on the leather inside bottom of the box, are $52 each.
 The Small Cedar Memory Boxes are $25 each.  Remember they are aromatic.  Real cedar!  

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