All of the field stones we use are natural, and frequently we use field flagstone like this that are one inch thick and flat.  They have finished shaping cuts on the edges.  These stones are produced for use in patios or gardens and lie nicely on horizontal surfaces or are perfect for leaning up against a wall or fence.  Stones like this one will cost between $80 and $100, including all necessary photo work.
  Some people prefer rounded field rocks.  Pure white images are particularly difficult to do photo work that will render a suitable image on stone.  In this case, the photo was made a bit more like a caricature with bold black and white lines in order to maintain the pet's personality on the finished product.      
  This stone is what is called New York bluestone.  It's two inches thick and particularly good for engraving.  Notice how the distracting background has been eliminated and how even black shadows around the eyes have been retouched to keep the appearance of the pet intact.
  This is an image that is made from a pencil and charcoal drawing of a pet.  It is engraved on New York bluestone and also contains a clip art quail representing the sort of game for which the dog is used.


  The stone on the left is New York bluestone and the one on the right St. Louis limestone.  Both use clip art for graphics.
  This stone is just plain field rock that was taken from a customer's own property.  The price for engraving
stones like this will generally be $40 to $50. 

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